Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness includes various customised sessions/workshops focussing on promotion of good health and positivity amongst employees. Facilitating customised personal development and life skill workshops onsite and off site based on the techniques and concepts from yoga, fitness, mindfulness and psychology. With the rapid rise in wellness activities, more companies are exploring yoga and mindfulness as a new way to foster employee bonding and boost their morale. Introducing such programmes at workplace are not only beneficial for the employee but for the whole company.

Wellness programmes at workplace can help employees

To undo the effects of long hours in the office and the stressful demands of today’s competitive life
To promote good physical and mental health
To prevent certain health conditions
To acquire a healthy lifestyle
To build harmonious relations at work and in personal life too.
To enhance positivity and good mood
To enhance mental faculties - thinking abilities, decision making and problem solving capacity
To enhance emotional intelligence
To enhance and improve the quality of life

Needless to say if employees are happy and more productive ultimately it helps towards company's growth and productivity.

In Corporate Wellness Programme we intend to work towards more healthy lifestyle, balance our work - personal life and develop a more calm, peaceful and positive state of mind. The programmes are customized and may include one or all of the following :
Introducing the concept of yoga and wellness
Simple exercises and stretches for body and mind
Breath awareness and breathing exercises
Various techniques to enhance mental productivity and focus
Relaxation techniques
Sound and music for de-stressing
Guided meditations
Introducing the concept of Self exploration and mindfulness

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